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Drum Lessons Online for Beginners – Getting Started

Drum Lessons Online for Beginners – Getting Started

Learning How to Play The DrumsWe all have a point in our lives when we start something new and learning how to play the drum is no different.  In the beginning there will be a lot to take in and there may be some struggle.  I want you to know that you can put down your fears and fun with the process.  The number one question I would get asked is what is the most important thing about when you learn to play drums.  I would say, “learning good habits in the beginning so you do not have to unlearn them later on”.    Lets focus on some of things you will need to learn before you even start playing the drum.

Getting Started with Basic Drum Grips

There are a few different grips you can use when playing the drums.  Most teachers will have you starting off with the match grip just because both of your arms will be doing similar motions and it is easier to pick up the drums.  Different grips work better for different types of drumming and I would stick with the grip that your teacher recommends or if you are taking drum lessons online follow your instructor.  Below you will find a video on how to hold your drumsticks and the different type of grips to get you started.

Learning Good Habits and Practice

Most students are confused on what structure they should have for learning a new instrument.  Sticking with a basic structure and learning proper posture and technique should be your first focus.  When practicing I would recommend that you set time aside as many days of the week as you can instead of just practicing on the weekend for three hours.  You want to make sure you build muscle memory and it will take more time to get back into a good practice session if you only practice once in a while.

Learning How to Perform Your First Stroke

You are now ready to put down your first stroke and you either have a drum kit in front of you or just a practice pad.  Performing a single stroke in the beginning may seem boring after the first few times, but after a while these strokes will be put together to create something more.  Some of the most basic drumming that you can do, but that is the most important is learning your drum rudiments .  What are drum rudiments you may ask?  They are the foundation of drumming and will assist you in learning harder music down the road.  A rudiment is a variation of different strokes  and we have also included a video below of one of the very basic drum rudiments you can learn today.

Once you have learned some of the basic rudiments through practice I recommend that you move on to harder ones.  This will bring down the wall of confusion for your drumming.  Not only will this build confidence, but will also help you perform consistently.  Take some time and start with the basics.  Then share your success in the comment section.

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How to Play the Accordion, Beginners Video

How to Play the Accordion, Beginners Video

The Basics of How to Play Accordion

learn how to play accordianThis website is dedicated to all music enthusiasts and I have found a great tutorial video that demonstrates playing with two hands and some of the beginning steps you should take.  The accordion can seem complex in the beginning and it will take some patience.  You will see that some of it is similar to playing the piano.  For a big resource on accordions look here and if you have just picked one up, please post in the comments below.