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Drum Lessons Online for Beginners – Getting Started

Drum Lessons Online for Beginners – Getting Started

Learning How to Play The DrumsWe all have a point in our lives when we start something new and learning how to play the drum is no different.  In the beginning there will be a lot to take in and there may be some struggle.  I want you to know that you can put down your fears and fun with the process.  The number one question I would get asked is what is the most important thing about when you learn to play drums.  I would say, “learning good habits in the beginning so you do not have to unlearn them later on”.    Lets focus on some of things you will need to learn before you even start playing the drum.

Getting Started with Basic Drum Grips

There are a few different grips you can use when playing the drums.  Most teachers will have you starting off with the match grip just because both of your arms will be doing similar motions and it is easier to pick up the drums.  Different grips work better for different types of drumming and I would stick with the grip that your teacher recommends or if you are taking drum lessons online follow your instructor.  Below you will find a video on how to hold your drumsticks and the different type of grips to get you started.

Learning Good Habits and Practice

Most students are confused on what structure they should have for learning a new instrument.  Sticking with a basic structure and learning proper posture and technique should be your first focus.  When practicing I would recommend that you set time aside as many days of the week as you can instead of just practicing on the weekend for three hours.  You want to make sure you build muscle memory and it will take more time to get back into a good practice session if you only practice once in a while.

Learning How to Perform Your First Stroke

You are now ready to put down your first stroke and you either have a drum kit in front of you or just a practice pad.  Performing a single stroke in the beginning may seem boring after the first few times, but after a while these strokes will be put together to create something more.  Some of the most basic drumming that you can do, but that is the most important is learning your drum rudiments .  What are drum rudiments you may ask?  They are the foundation of drumming and will assist you in learning harder music down the road.  A rudiment is a variation of different strokes  and we have also included a video below of one of the very basic drum rudiments you can learn today.

Once you have learned some of the basic rudiments through practice I recommend that you move on to harder ones.  This will bring down the wall of confusion for your drumming.  Not only will this build confidence, but will also help you perform consistently.  Take some time and start with the basics.  Then share your success in the comment section.

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How to Play the Accordion, Beginners Video

How to Play the Accordion, Beginners Video

The Basics of How to Play Accordion

learn how to play accordianThis website is dedicated to all music enthusiasts and I have found a great tutorial video that demonstrates playing with two hands and some of the beginning steps you should take.  The accordion can seem complex in the beginning and it will take some patience.  You will see that some of it is similar to playing the piano.  For a big resource on accordions look here and if you have just picked one up, please post in the comments below.

Basic Tips On How To Play Piano

Basic Tips On How To Play Piano

Correct Piano PostureWhen you are first learning piano you don’t want to become bored and discouraged, dull hours figuring out music notes are just not fun. Should you be really interested in learning piano playing, the first thing you can do is start with a positive attitude. It can take time and yes, it is important to understand reading music.  Nevertheless it doesn’t need to be dull, and it surely does not need to take forever before you understand how to play alone. Below we have included some great tips to get you started, and you will probably be playing your favorite song and learn how to play piano in no time at all.

First Rule In Learning How to Play Piano

First, right posture is undoubtedly a vital a part of appropriate piano playing. Within this training I’m going to give you a rapid overview using the right strategy to sit down on the piano bench. The initial point to create optimistic posture is the fact that you don’t slouch. Slouching limits your range of motion around the keyboard and will possess an unfavorable effect in your piano playing. Slouching also will not appear so attractive whenever you are on stage playing for a large number of women and men. So, make sure to sit up straight each time you sit down in front of the piano.

The following point to create excellent posture is the fact that your elbows need to be at a 90 degree angle. If you cant keep your elbows at the 90 degree angle, you may need to move your piano bench closer. If the elbows are right behind the body, then your bench is always to close towards piano. Sitting a suitable range in front of the piano will help give you a complete range of motion that is certainly required while playing piano.

Hand Posture for PianoYou might feel yourself naturally leaning into the piano, or hunkering down to seriously jam out, as you get into a song and the emotion begins flowing. This could be named artistic movements, and is completely satisfactory. These recommendations about posture are key and should not be overlooked.  It assists to lower fatigue, although for those who play for any extended period of time, getting the correct hand posture simply ensures that you are playing the instrument appropriately.

The very first thing to create perfect hand posture is the fact that your wrists are level when using the piano. Say if your wrists are to low, you may have additional difficulty striking the keys correctly. You could accidentally be bumping the black keys if your wrists are too high then you definitely will not have the control that you want. We have included some pictures and diagrams to look at for correct posture.

First Lesson and Video to Get You Started

So now that we have the posture figured out, lets take a look at how to play some piano scales.  The videos that we have included will help you find the correct place to start on the piano and where to move from there.  We know that each piano may be different, so go easy on yourself and have a good time.  For more great information on piano playing we have found this piano blog to give a lot of greats tips.

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Some of the Best Factors to Improve Your Music Career

Some of the Best Factors to Improve Your Music Career

Tips for a successful music careerThere are some elements that you need to include in your routine if you want to become a greater musician and enhance your music career.  This is a great place to start and lay a foundation that will excel your efforts.

The Building Blocks for Music Career Success

The most important thing to consider is to not focus on the end goal, and what is impossible to reach, but focusing on the present moment and the small steps you can take towards you goals.  Having a more narrow focus allows you to stay motivated and accomplish more in less time.  Every artist has had humble beginnings and most didn’t have an overnight success.  This is something that you want to pursue for the rest of your life, right?

Even though we mentioned not to focus on your end goals, it is still always good to visualize the result that you are trying to achieve, just don’t get stuck in the end result.  Giving you brain a path to follow for your music career is key.  Visualization is key for task you are setting out to accomplish.  Having a map will give you the small steps to take from the start and will keep you from wasting your time.

Putting Aside the Needed Time for Your Music Career

It is much better to take 30 minutes a day to practice your craft instead of spending 2 hours and 30 minutes on the weekend.  Getting into a routine will help muscle memory and develop positive habits.  Also, you won’t have to keep relearning something new every week because it will be fresh in your head.

Taking action also helps improve will power and confidence in what you do.  Confidence is developed by doing something over and over again.   Also, confidence will help you push through those tougher times.  Let’s face it, you will always come to a point where something doesn’t go your way or you feel like giving up.  That’s when it is a good time to look at you values and why you are pursuing your music career.  You make have a band member quit on you or lose an important contract.  It has happened to everyone and the successful musicians didn’t let that get them down.

Last thing to remember is to not be a lone ranger and try to do things by yourself.  This will just slow you down in the long run.  Get a mentor and spend time with people that have already done what you are trying to do.  This will give you a better insight on what to expect and potential pitfalls.  Also, if you need to develop your musical talents, get some private lessons from qualified instructors.  The little you spend in lessons will make a huge return on investment down the road.

Once you have your music career defined, it is always a good idea to get out there and promote yourself and build your online presence.  Places like facebook and twitter are great places to get exposure and get followers.  Stay motivated on your journey!

Youtube Video on Developing Music Career:

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Getting a DJ or Musicians to Play at Your Wedding

Getting a DJ or Musicians to Play at Your Wedding

You will find more than one aspect of finding wedding music that needs to be dealt with when planning. To begin with, you may want to choose music that is specific or get a DJ so they can play music everyone wants to hear. Also, you can have musicians play through the particular wedding ceremony. But at the wedding reception, it is pretty much anything when it comes to choosing wedding music goes, provided it is tasteful.

How to select a wedding dj.Right away is the time to organize your wedding music. Great talent gets snatched up fast so you don’t want to get that fresh DJ that is just starting off with a couple of weddings in his profile or no weddings at all.

Setting Up The Music and Scheduling the DJ

For many weddings, choosing the music for the wedding ceremony is not that complicated because most commonly, it is controlled by the individual in charge at the location where the service will take place. Make sure you inquire about any guidelines regarding wedding ceremony music as these could potentially affect your decision when you’re studying your wedding ceremony choices. In the event the ceremony is being held outside, check for electric hookups or novel live musicians.

Obviously, it’s your wedding and it could be custom designed.

The music that’s played at the reception, however, will mean the dissimilarity between successful reception and one that is ho-hum. And this is where things can begin to get complicated. You’ll realize quite quickly that you have lots of options, when you start searching for wedding reception music. It’s possible for you to reserve a live band, or a DJ that’ll play prerecorded music, or you can buy that CD packed with top wedding tunes and have someone act.

It’s important that you both agree on the kind of wedding music you would like played at your reception. There are ‘conventional’ tunes that almost always are played throughout the reception including the dad/daughter dance, the cake cutting, the dollar dance and so forth at specific points. And then there’s all the music in between. Do you want trance, country, R&B, Jazz, Italian, Latin, Folk, or maybe a bit of everything? That’s a crucial choice that needs to be made and you will not be happy if it isn’t discussed with the DJ or musicians first.

Try to book experienced professionals to your wedding music. Consistently ask for and check references. If booking talent that is live, organize to hear a live performance. Take your time and look over the contract and ensure everyone is agreeing on scheduled hours and is in writing and music will be provided. Find out what is in the refund policy too if they decide to cancel.  If you are aspiring to be a DJ I recommend you read our article on music equipment in the industry.

Youtube Wedding Ceremony:

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